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Organic Thyme Honey

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Delivery time within 24 hours -> A Cretan family business of beekeeping and production of organic thyme honey for the last 50 years. Certified Organic pure Cretan honey, natural, Super Food Category.

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Organic Thyme Honey from Creta from family production Fylladitakis

Melopeion Fylladitakis is a Cretan family business of beekeeping and production of organic thyme honey for the last 50 years. The business has a strong presence in its sector, thanks to consistently distributing products of premium quality to the market. The uncompromised quality of the products over time, is based upon the primary raw material of our blessed land and the commitment of the producers to efficiently capitalize upon the wisdom of tradition together with today’s know-how.
The Cretan honey is widely known for its purity and its high nutritional value, due to the Cretan flora which can support organic cultivations. It is one of the few areas with thyme and pine trees where intense cultivation does not take place. Melopeion Fylladitakis owns an exemplary, private, production workshop in Kakodiki of the Kantanos – Selino province in the Chania prefecture. The area is found in the southwest of the prefecture and is very rich in flora thanks to the crystal waters of Kakodiki river, unspoiled by touristic and residential development and far away from cultivations and pesticides.

Respectively, our over 1.000 beehives are located dispersed across Crete and in selected areas where the conditions are checked and ideal for the bees to collect pure pollen and work undisturbed within the beehives. With the wisdom of traditional production and today’s know-how, the producer is getting prepared for the harvest during the right time periods when the honey fully possesses all of its nutrient.
Remaining loyal to the traditional methods of production, there are investments every year in research and further development of the production, via regular qualitative and quantitative controls, in order to get a final product which is pure, organic and extremely tasty.

  1. First stage of natural honeycomb: placement of frame in the beehive for the construction of the honeycomb by the bees.
  2. Second stage of natural honeycomb: the bee begins to construct with natural wax.
  3. Bee during the harvest of the thyme honey
  4. Completion of construction works in order to fill it with honey.
  5. Completion of works in the beehive before the harvest.
  6. Three of work stages within the beehive.
  7. Exfoliator machine.
  8. Extraction of honey machine.
  9. Honey extractor.
  10. Function of centrifugal in the honey extractor.
  11. Settling tank: insertion of honey for it to settle in order to get ready to be shipped to your home.
  12. Freezer and refrigerator for the organic maintenance of honeycombs


Ingredients: Certified Organic Thyme Honey from Creta - family production Fylladitakis
Product type: 100% BIO
Store in a cool place

Honey constitutes one of the basic ingredients (category super food) of the internationally acclaimed, Cretan nutrition. It is rich in vitamins and trace elements, it concentrates many nutrients and is a fast source of energy for the body. Thyme honey holds a pre-eminent position among the different types of honey that are found in the market. It is an intensely aromatic honey, with light bright color, exceptionally pleasant taste with numerous healing properties. Thanks to its premium quality, it boosts the body and helps maintaining the immune system, in good condition.

It crystallizes within a period of 6 to 18 months since its production, depending upon its quality and the conditions under which it is being preserved. In Greece, thyme honey is considered the best category of pure honey and is has a high demand around the world. A necessary prerequisite for its rich and pure taste, as well as for the maintenance of all of its nutrients, is the consistency of applying traditional methods of production. And that is the evident secret of Melopeion Fylladitakis, which ensures, every year, organic honey of premium quality.
Instructions For Use:
It pairs very well with nuts, cheese, bread, butter. It can be consumed at any time of the day. Highly recommended with our herbal tea collection. Boost your immune system and be stronger than winter.

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Maria Vasilaki

Organic Thyme Honey

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Organic Thyme Honey

A. Schmidt
Sehr Gut

Schnelle Lieferung und außergewöhnliche Qualität. Sehr zufrieden

Judit Fehr

Merci , Merci, ich verstehe nur deutsch

Bester Thymianhonig

Bester Thymianhonig, den ich bisher probiert habe.