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Pamako: The majestic olive trees – a Gift from Crete's History

Pamako: The majestic olive trees – a Gift from Crete's History

The majestic olive trees of Elyros, high up at 500-700 meters - a Gift from Crete's History

Here, the history and nature of Crete reign supreme. Our proud olive trees grow magnificently at 500-700 meters, surrounded by groves on the outskirts of the ancient city of Elyros. This imparts to our oil a character as powerful as the peaks on which they thrive.

Tradition and innovation in every drop

Pamako is the result of a passionate connection between centuries-old cultivation methods and modern research. Each olive is handpicked in October, still green and full of life. On the same day, it is cold-pressed with argon, a protective inert gas – without pits – preserving the essence of history.

Storage tip: Room temperature and light protection

Pamako finds its place in your home – at room temperature, shielded from light and heat. Even if it slightly solidifies in cooler environments, it returns to its liquid form at room temperature without losing its outstanding quality.

GR-BIO-03: Authentic from Greece

With the GR-BIO-03 seal of quality, we proudly guarantee the origin of our olive oil from Greece. A country renowned for its rich olive culture. In every bottle of Pamako, you not only experience history – you taste it. An impressive EVOO that carries the heartbeat of Crete in every nuance.