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5 Super Surprising Facts About Black Trumpet Mushrooms

5 Super Surprising Facts About Black Trumpet Mushrooms

From unexpected life rhythms to astonishing adaptations, get to know Black Trumpets from a new and fascinating perspective! Which ones do you know?

1. Mushroom of Happiness
Black Trumpets are sometimes considered the Mushroom of Happiness and are believed to spread positive energy in their surroundings.

2. Moonlight Sensitivity
It is believed that Black Trumpets react to the light of the moon and grow faster at night.

3. Hidden Messages
In some cultures, Black Trumpets have been viewed as carriers of secret messages understood only by those familiar with the mushroom.

4. Rejuvenator and Air Purifier
Black Trumpets have a rejuvenating effect on the forest by transforming old leaves into nutrient-rich humus and play a role in purifying the air in forests. It has a similar effect on our skin. For these reasons (and many more), taking a walk in the forest is very rejuvenating and essential for our health.

5. Natural Flavor Enhancer
Some chefs use our Black Trumpets as flavor enhancers for other mushroom dishes, as they are 100% organic and GMO-free.